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See documentation on Braintree Payments for other help topics. 

Your Customer Self Service site can offer and manage PayPal checkout and express options through Braintree Payments. With this option, PayPal payment is available on the Braintree tab during checkout and PayPal Express is controlled through Braintree settings. All PayPal transactions processed through the Braintree gateway will be integrated and viewable in your Braintree Control Panel.

NOTE - You will still need to establish a PayPal merchant account separately as payment processing fees will be charged by PayPal. Braintree does not charge fees for handling PayPal transactions. 

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Braintree PayPal

These Braintree PayPal options can be enabled on your site:

  • PayPal on the Braintree Payments 'Payment Methods' tab during the checkout process.  

    1, In the Payment panel during checkout, PayPal displays as a payment option under Braintree's Payment Methods tab.


    2.  When PayPal is selected, the PayPal button is displayed. 

    3. The user clicks the PayPal button. The secure PayPal login window displays. 

    4. The user logs into their PayPal account and selects from available payment options. After payment selection has been approved, they are returned to your website. The PayPal account with login ID is displayed. 

    5. The user clicks Process Payment to complete payment. If 'Allow Vault PayPal' is enabled in Settings, a successful PayPal account will be vaulted ready for future purchases.  NOTE - If vaulting is on, Pay in 4 will not be offered as an option to a logged in registered user.  

  • PayPal Express options. PayPal payment methods accessed through buttons on the product and cart pages. They are 'express' because the customer can log in to PayPal immediately to pay without adding to cart and going through the usual checkout process steps. Choose one or both Express options:  PayPal Checkout, Pay in 4 (PayPal's Buy Now, Pay Later). 

    NOTE - Enabling Braintree PayPal Express checkout through Braintree settings disables the use of separate PayPal Express settings

Configure PayPal Settings

Before configuring PayPal settings, ensure you have a PayPal merchant account and your PayPal merchant credentials have been added in your Braintree account.

PayPal Testing

For help on testing your Braintree Paypal integration, see documentation from Braintree.  

To configure Braintree PayPal settings:

  1. In the CMS, go to SettingsPayment & CheckoutBraintree Payment.
  2. If the Available in CMS toggle is not enabled, toggle it ON. 

  3. Click Configure.

  4. Scroll down to PayPal Settings.

  5. To enable Braintree PayPal on your site, toggle ON Enable PayPal.  

    When Braintree PayPal is enabled, non-Braintree PayPal Express settings are disabled. 

    Navigate to SettingsFeature ManagementPayment & CheckoutPayPal Express. The Use Braintree For PayPal Express toggle is ON.

  6. Allow Vault PayPal: Toggle ON to automatically save a successful PayPal payment for future use. IMPORTANT- PayPal vaulting is incompatible with offering Pay in 4 through the checkout process for logged in users. When enabled, PayPal Pay in 4 will not be displayed as a payment option to the user in their PayPal account. It will still be available for guest users.
  7. The next few toggles and fields set PayPal Express options for the product and cart pages.

    1. Enable PayPal Express: toggle ON for PayPal Express to be controlled by Braintree Payments. NOTE - This disables any non-Braintree PayPal Express settings on your site.

    2. Display PayPal Express On Cart: toggle ON to display PayPal Express buttons on the Cart page.

    3. Cart Page PayPal Express Buttons: to select what Express buttons display, click in the field, then select the button(s). (Buttons display on the page in the selection order entered here.)
      PayPal: PayPal button
      Paylater: Pay in 4 button

      What is the difference between the buttons?

      Allows quicker access to a payment option when user logs into their account

      PayPal button - default payment option the user previously selected displays first.

      Pay in 4 button - Pay in 4 is offered first.  

    4. Display PayPal Express On Product Detail: toggle ON to display PayPal buttons on the Product Detail page. 

    5. Product Page PayPal Express Buttons: to select what Express buttons display, click in the field, then select the button(s). (Buttons display on the page in the selection order entered here.)
      PayPal: PayPal button
      Paylater: Pay in 4 button

  8. To save your settings, click Save

Customise PayPal Express buttons

The default PayPal Express buttons are: and. You can customise how they look on the Product Detail and Cart pages in the widgets controlling their display: Product Purchase Detail Widget and the Cart Checkout Button Widget

To customise Express buttons:

  1. Go to ContentPages & Templates.

  2. Use the Search tool to find the template with the Product Purchase Detail Widget (the Product Detail template) or the Cart Checkout Button Widget (Checkout Cart template). 
  3. Click Edit.

  4. Find the Widget and click Edit next to it.
  5. Click the Braintree tab.

  6. To change the text and button style of the PayPal Express Button Options, click Edit.

    Button Width

    By default, the button adapts to the size of its container element. Adjust the width of the container element to change the button width.

  7. Customise as needed.

Button Customisation Options

PayPal Button options

For multiple buttons, select to align them vertically or horizontally. 

Default: vertical

Option: horizontal


Specify a height from 25px to 55px. 

NOTE - To use the default height (set by Braintree), do not add this setting. 


Default: Gold (PayPal-recommended as the brand's most recognised button colour). 

Options: blue (recommended first alternative), silver, white, black


Default: rectangle (PayPal-recommended)

Option: pill


Default: PayPal (recommended)


PayPal Checkout

PayPal Buy Now 

Pay with PayPal 

Add/Edit Pay in 4 messaging

There are two Pay in 4 messaging versions:

  • generic - standard messaging suitable and available for any page or template. Just add the PayPal Pay Later Generic Summary Widget to a page. A generic message can also be added in the Braintree Payments space on the Checkout page. Just toggle on the setting in the Checkout Payment Options Widget. (NOTE - Messaging is hidden for registered users when vaulting is on.)

  • with instalment amount - messaging includes the actual amount of each instalment based on the product price or cart total on the page at the time. This is automatically enabled on the product detail page, cart page and the cart summary popup. To disable the messaging, just toggle off the Pay Later message under the Braintree tab in the relevant widget: 

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