Administrators can set some products to be displayed to customers but prevent them from being purchased online. For example, some brands may only be bought in-store (e.g. Apple products). But you still want them displayed so your customers know you stock them.

Order restriction products can be set by:

  • Web Condition Code
  • Customer Code
  • Territory Code
  • Product Code
  • Category Code
  • Product Sales Type
  • Warehouse Code

  • When entering Customer or Product Restriction Codes, the '%' character can be used to include 'like' codes (e.g.. 'T%' to include all codes beginning with T).
  • Records can be edited or removed as required via the 'Modify' and 'Delete' links. 

  • 'Split-Products' can be used to separate records where multiple Product Restriction codes have been entered in a comma-separated list. A new record will be created for each value in the 'Product Restriction Code' field, with the value of all other fields copied over.

Step-by-step guide

1. Enable and configure order restrictions

  1. Go to Settings → Settings → Orders.

  2. Click on the Restrictions and Charges tab.

  3. Scroll to the Order Restrictions section.

  4. Tick Enable Order Restrictions.

  5. In Invalid Web Condition Codes, enter a comma-separated list of Condition Codes which are not valid for online ordering (if any).

  6. Click the Update button at the top of the page.

  7. Return to the Order Restrictions section.

  8. In the table, click New.

  9. In Customer Restriction Type, set the value:
    1. Customer Code
    2. Territory Code 

  10. In Customer Restriction Code, enter the Customer or Territory Code to restrict. 

  11. In Product Restriction Type, set the value:
    1. Product Code
    2. Category Code
    3. Sales Type

  12. In Product Restriction Code, enter the Product Code, Category Code, or Sales Type to restrict. 

  13. In Warehouse Code, enter the Customer Warehouse to restrict (optional). NOTE - Enter  '%' as the warehouse code if you do not want to target specific warehouse.

  14. To save changes, click OK.

  15. Repeat steps 8-15 to continue adding new Order Restrictions.

2. Refresh Cache

For changes to be live on your site, refresh the Product Cache and reset the Dictionary.  See: Reset the Product Cache

  1. Go to SettingsSettings → Cache Management.

  2.  Select Clear Cache for Product Cache.
  3. Select Clear Cache for Dictionary & Template Reset.

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