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Widget Use

Outputs technical specification data, which is drawn from the product's metadata. If you maintain your metadata in the CMS, this refers to Product Features data.


Example of Widget Use

Following is an example of the widget in use:

Without ToggleWith Toggle

Hidden (default view on page load)


Expanded (on click of heading)




Where can the Widget be placed?

The widget can be used in the following templates:

  • Product Detail Template


Widget Options

OptionUseCommentsAvailable from Version
DescriptionA short description of the widget's use.We recommended this field be updated so the widget's purpose is clear at a glance from the template page.All
LayerThe layer the widget is valid for.

The layering technology allows for the content to be shown to specific audiences.

This is handy if the content is only valid for a certain type of user, or if the same widget is required for more than one audience, but different configuration is needed.

The widget can be added to the zone more than once and the layer feature can determine which audience can see each widget. 

Show Heading?Determines whether a heading / title is displayed at the top of the widget.

Default is: enabled

Untick to disable

Heading TextThe heading text displayed (where heading is enabled).Default is: Technical SpecificationsAll
Show Toggle?

With toggle functionality, the content is hidden by default, and only displayed when the user clicks on the heading.

Default is: disabled

Tick to enable

Feature Name Display

Determines whether the feature name is displayed along with its value. Choose from:

  • Show
  • Hide
  • Hide Duplicates Only
Default is: Show4.03
Feature ListSpecify selected technical specifications to display, or leave blank to display all features for the product.List your set of features separated by a comma, no spaces.4.03
Exclude Listed Features?Tick this box to display all the product's features except the one(s) listed in the Feature List field.Default is: disabled4.03



Other Widgets

  • Page:
    Standing Order Due Days Widget Inserts the message stating the number of days a recurring order is due to be placed. Used for standing orders only.
  • Page:
    Standing Order Removed Lines Widget Inserts a message in an order notification email for a recurring standing order if any products have been removed due to unavailability.
  • Page:
    Standing Order Message Widget Inserts standing order messages in email notifications for recurring orders placed from standing orders.
  • Page:
    Items Meta Data Filter Widget — Configures the data source and filtering options when Server Side filtering mode is selected for the Article List Features filter.
  • Page:
    B2C Registration Verification Notification Widget Used in the B2C Registration Verification Notification email template to alert your online team or a staff member that a user has registered on your website.
  • Page:
    B2C Registration Verification Required Email Widget Creates the content of the email notifying a B2C user they have to authenticate their email address after they register on your site.
  • Page:
  • Page:
    Token Customer Credit Card Info Widget — Displays the message in credit card expiry reminder emails to Customers who have existing token payment set up.
  • Page:
    Email Credit Card Verification Link Widget Adds credit card verification instructions in order confirmation and verification reminder emails, and includes a link to the validation page.
  • Page:
    Report Subscription Widget Renders input field and button configurations for the Report Subscription screen. Field labels, headings and text can be edited.
  • Page:
    Report Generator Widget Provides input field and button configurations for the Report Generator feature. You can customise the widget to configure display field options and text to suit your website style.
  • Page:
    SignalR Group Message Selector Widget Define the text for the button users will click when selecting a SignalR client–in this example, a printer enabled to print orders/invoices in PDF format.
  • Page:
    Page Content Search Result Widget Customise the 'no results returned' message when the keyword search does not match any static content on your pages or products.
  • Page:
    Display Customer Currency Widget Displays the default currency set for a Customer based on login for websites operating in international markets. 
  • Page:
    Scripts & Styles Widget — The new Scripts & Styles widget allows you to bundle related scripts and styles into one widget to function as a unit, or add multiple Scripts & Styles widgets to a page so they operate independently. Due to its name, and because the widget functions to run scripts or apply styles only, you know at a glance if a page is using customised JavaScript or Style Sheets.