All emails sent from the website can be reviewed and resent via the 'Email History' page. This is handy if, for instance, a customer reports they have not received their order confirmation email. 
You can simply locate the email and trigger a re-send.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login to the CMS.

  2. Navigate to Reporting → Email History
    • Non-BPD admin users should look in their Accounts or Settings menus for the 'Emails' page.

  3. The page will show all emails sent in the past 30 days. 
    Email Notification Register 
  4. Use the paging arrows to browse, or search by keyword and/or date range.

  5. Use the 'Resend' button to resend an email to the original destination address, or specify an alternative email recipient.
    Resend Email 

Classic site admins:

If the 'Emails' page is not present under the Accounts or Settings menu, 'EmailNotificationRegister.aspx' may need to be added as a new menu item. See Add a New Menu Item for instructions.

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