Widget Use

Renders the content of the permanently inactive user email for the Inactive User Management feature.


Where can the Widget be placed?

  • Inactive User Deactivated Email Template

Widget Options

OptionUseCommentsAvailable from Version
DescriptionA short description of the widget's use.This description is added to the widget title. It makes the widget's use clear on the template page.All
LayerThe layer the widget is valid for.

Use layering to limit widget content to certain groups of users. 

To use the same widget for more than one user group but with different options set, add the widget as many times as needed in the same zone. Then add layering to define the user group each time. 

Inactive User Deactivated Message

Message for the email body.



Hi {firstName} {surname}

Your user account ({emailAddress}) on our {companyName} website is now
deactivated due to over {inactiveUserWarningEmailInDays} days of inactivity.

If you feel this is an error, please contact us.


TIP -  Insert one or more placeholders { } for relevant content to be inserted:

{firstName} - customer first name

{surname} - customer last name

{emailAddress} - user login id

(companyName} - company name

{inactiveUserWarningEmailInDays} - number of days account has not been accessed 


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