Is this feature disabled?

Contracted buying and selling needs implementation by Commerce Vision. 

Contract-based buying and selling is when there are customer agreements in place for purchases of specific products. This feature allows the buying of contracted products to be honoured (and/or highlighted) on your ecommerce store for those customers.   

Contract Pricing

Requires consultation with Commerce Vision

Contracted selling may result in special pricing for customers. Contract conditions are usually defined in the ERP and custom integrated online. Integration allows valid customer users to view contracted products and any specific pricing when they are logged in. 

Highlight Contract Products

Contract products can be highlighted to customer users when they are browsing and searching products on your website. 

  • Product ribbons can be added to contracted product images. Ribbons are configured to display on products for applicable users only. You can also use upload custom contract ribbons and add a product overrides if product groups and catalogues have been used to define contract products.  
  • Add the contracted products filter to allow search results to display contracted items first.
  • Select to display contracted products first in search results. 

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