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B2B Registration allows a trade (wholesale or business) customer user to register for B2B access and have their account linked to an ERP debtor account. Users with active accounts can log on and will receive that account's default settings (i.e. Pricing, Warehouse, Contract Information etc). 

Registration Process

This shows the B2B user registration process:

1. When your website is enabled for B2B user registration, there will be a link for trade users to register in the Login modal window. 

2. The user will fill in a form and include the following information:  

  • Contact Name
  • Customer Code
  • Company
  • Password
  • Customer Account Code

Additional fields may be added to the B2B Registration page; contact Commerce Vision Support for assistance.

3. Depending on settings, the User is either registered and can log in to their account on your website or if User Approval is enabled, wait until they have been reviewed and approved by the Administrator. 

4. If User Approval (Auto Part Registration) is enabled, the Administrator will receive an email indicating a Customer has registered for trade access. The user will receive an email informing them their registration is subject to approval.

5. If the user is approved, they will receive an email indicating their account has been approved and can proceed to login.

Add user approval step

Enable user approval

If Auto Part Registration is enabled, a B2B user who registers for a login on your website will need to be reviewed and approved by the eCommerce Team. Until then, the user is partially registered. This means the user exists in the system but cannot login to your website. 

To add a user approval step to the registration process:

  1. In the CMS, navigate to SettingsFeature ManagementUser.

  2. Toggle ON Auto Part Registration.

Approve a user

If user approval is enabled, the Administrator will receive an email that a B2B user has registered.

NOTE - This email's content can be edited in ContentEmailsB2B Registration Approval Required EmailAPR Approval Required Widget.

To approve a user:

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Users → Website Users.

  2. Use the User Search tool to find the user. You can search by email address (from the email notification). 
  3. To approve the user without reviewing details, click the Approve User button. 
  4. In the User's detail page, review the user's details. Change any details if required. TIP - You may need to change the User's Role, Order, Requisition and Approval Limits. 

  5. To save, click Save & Exit. The user will be approved and receive the welcome email. 

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