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Dealing with credit card fraud is time consuming and costly for businesses. Stolen card numbers and fraudulent transactions result in payment disputes from the genuine card owner and loss of revenue to the business involved. 

We've developed new functionality allowing you to limit the number of failed payment attempts on an order.  Users making failed payments will be locked out from any further attempts for a set period of time.

Once the lockout period expires, the user can retry their card payment. 

What it looks like

In the scenario below, we've set the retry threshold to 2 attempts, and the lockout period has been set to 5 minutes. 

These values are customisable according to your business needs.

1. On checkout, the first failed payment will display the standard error notification.

2. The second unsuccessful payment attempt will display a different notification. The error includes the number of failed payment attempts, and advises of the lockout period. 

3. If the user empties their cart and tries to checkout with a new order during the lockout period, they will still be prevented from making a card payment attempt. 

Error message seen when payment is attempted on a new order during the lockout period

Once the lockout period has expired, the user is again permitted to checkout with a credit card.

Additional Information

If you'd like to take advantage of this credit card fraud protection feature for your own site, please contact our Support Team.

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