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Widget Use

Places the 'Export to Excel' button in the shopping cart and enables the User to have their cart contents emailed to them in an Excel file.

Example of Widget Use

Following is an example of the widget in use:

Where can the Widget be placed?

The widget can be used in the following templates:

  • Cart Template

Widget Options

OptionUseCommentsAvailable from Version
DescriptionA short description of the widget's use.We recommend this field be updated so the widget's purpose is clear at a glance from the template page.All
LayerThe layer the widget is valid for.

The layering technology allows for the content to be shown to specific audiences.

This is handy if the content is only valid for a certain type of user or if the same widget is required for more than one audience but different configurations are needed.

The widget can be added to the zone more than once and the layer feature can determine which audience can see each widget. 

Export to Excel Label

The text displayed on the button in the Cart page.

Default: Export To Excel 

Button Icon

The icon displayed with the button.

Default: cv-ico-general-file-excel

You can select another icon option from the dropdown. 

Excel TemplateDetermines the Excel template that will be used.

Default: Cart

'Cart' must be selected when using the default template. Select 'Custom' only if your site will not be using the default Excel template. 

Need help?

Implementing the custom option requires consultation with Commerce Vision. 

Excel Template Path

(For the custom option only.)

Uploads a custom Excel file. 

Default: blank.

To upload the required file, click the Select or Upload File button.

Excel Template Data Sources

(For the custom option only.)

Determines the data to be included in the custom Excel file.

Default: blank

Send Email Title Label 

Header text for the popup dialog where User enters the recipient email address.

Default: Export to Excel

The email address entered does not have to be the User's. 

Email Address Label

Text for the Email Address field prompt.

Default: Email Address4.31
Cancel Button Label

Text for the button to cancel the export request in the popup. 

Default: Cancel4.31
Send Email Button Label

Text for the button to send the export file email in the popup.

Default: Send Email4.31
Email SubjectText for the email's Subject line. Default: Excel Export4.31
Email BodyContent for the email message. 

Default: Please find your Excel export attached.

Use the WYSISWYG editor to edit or format the message to suit your requirements.

Excel Export File NameFile name of the Excel file sent.Default: ExcelExport4.31
Excel Export Processing MessageMessage that displays after the User selects the Send Email button.Default: Your Excel export is currently processing, and will be sent via e-mail when ready.4.31
Captcha Version

Determines whether a Captcha feature is included in the popup.

Default: None

To use the Captcha feature, select 'reCaptcha v2'.


To use this Captcha feature, you site must have been registered with reCAPTCHA v2 and you have the valid key and secret. If these are not entered, the reCaptcha feature will not display. 

Depending on risk assessment results on the User, they will be asked to:

    • tick the "I am not a robot" checkbox,
    • tick the "I am not a robot" checkbox and complete a challenge, or
    • do nothing, with the request validated in the background.

reCaptcha Site Key

(For reCaptcha v2 option only)

The reCaptcha key valid for this site. 

Default: blank

Enter the reCaptcha key for your site. NOTE - please enter the key here regardless of global settings.

reCaptcha Site Secret

(For reCaptcha v2 option only)

The reCaptcha secret for this site. 

Default: blank

Enter the reCaptcha secret for your site. NOTE - please enter the secret here regardless of global settings. 

reCaptcha Theme

(For reCaptcha v2 option only)

Determines the reCaptcha background colour.

Default: Light

To change it to Dark, select the option from the dropdown.

reCaptcha Size

(For reCaptcha v2 option only)

Determines whether the Captcha size is normal or compact.

Default: Normal

To change the size to Compact, select an option from the dropdown.

reCaptcha Badge

This field is not used here.

Default: Bottom Right


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