This feature must be switched on by Commerce Vision.

  • For 4.37+ using online only quote mode
  • Cannot be used with approvals

Allow a customer to reselect a freight option on the day an online only quote is accepted from the Quote Review page. The rest of the quote is locked from editing.

Freight would have been selected when the quote was created. But it can be days or weeks later that the customer converts the quote to an order. The original freight and estimated delivery date may now be inaccurate. Or if your site makes live freight calls to provide the most up-to-date options, that old freight might now be invalid.

With the Freight Recalculation setting enabled, the customer must reselect an updated freight option at the time the quote is submitted as an order. 


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Your Customer Experience

 With Freight Recalculation enabled

1. Quote checkout

The customer selects Request Quote in the Payment panel. Apart from confirming a quote checkout, the message contains an alert that freight will be recalculated on the quote acceptance date. 

2. Quote acceptance 

On a later date, the customer accepts the quote on the Quote Review page. (Notice the original freight selected on the freight line.)

3. Freight reselection

The locked quote summary is displayed. Notice the freight line has been removed. The customer must now reselect a freight option. Otherwise, the next step, the Payments panel, will not display.

4. Payment entry and order submission

Once freight has been reselected, the freight line displays with the cost. (It will not display for Free freight.) The Payment panel displays. The customer can pay and submit the order. 


Configure Freight Recalculation

Follow this procedure to enable customers to reselect a freight option. 

1. Enable setting

  1. In the CMS, go to SettingsSettingsFeature ManagementPayment & CheckoutQuotes.

  2. Click Configure for Quotes.

  3. In Configuration Settings, enable Enable Freight Recalculation on Quote Acceptance.

  4. Click Save or Save & Exit.

2. Edit Freight Options widget 

  1. Go to ContentContent → Pages & TemplatesCheckoutCheckout Quote.

  2. Click Edit for the Checkout Quote template.

  3. Click Edit for the Freight Options widget. (NOTE - If it is not there, in the Content zone, click Add Widget to add the widget. It should be positioned between the Order Lines and Select Approver widgets.)

  4. Select the Notifications tab.

  5. The Freight Recalculation On Quote Acceptance Message prompts the user to reselect a freight option. Customise this message if you wish. 

  6. Click Save.

3. Edit Checkout Payment Options Widget 

  1. Go to ContentContent → Pages & TemplatesCheckoutCheckout.

  2. Click Edit for the Checkout template.

  3. Locate and click Edit for the Checkout Payment Options widget.

  4. Click the Notifications tab.

  5. Scroll down to Freight Recalculation on Quote Acceptance Message. This alerts the user that the freight added when the quote is created is an estimate. Customise it if you wish. 
  6. Click Save.

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