Quote Review is for use with the Online Only or Standard and Approved modes. It must be implemented by Commerce Vision.

The Quote Review page gives your customer users access to all current, expired and cancelled quotes requested on the account (except those that needed approver acceptance). Users with quoting access can:

  • view a quote's details
  • regenerate a quote PDF for download
  • cancel a quote
  • add notes against a quote
  • send a quote to any email address
  • request activation of an expired quote (optional)
  • convert a quote to an order


The Quote Review page is usually added to the Dashboard menu. Users need to have quoting enabled against their Role to view this page. 

On this page:

Customer Experience

 Quote Review is usually added as a Dashboard menu item. But you can add a link to this page from another menu or in the home page itself. (See: Add a Menu Item

1. User logs in and accesses the Quote Review page (DashboardQuote Review).

2. Quote Review can be set to show all quotes or none on page load. Default summary settings for the quote list are displayed. What information is included can be set. Custom fields can also be implemented.  

The user finds the quote and clicks View next to it. 


3. The quote's details are displayed. Buttons for permitted actionss are at the bottom of the page.

4. For a current (non-expired) quote, the user can:

  • Accept Quote: convert the quote into an order. (Greyed for expired quotes.) To enable freight to be recalculated on order submission, see: Freight Recalculation from Quote Review.
  • Quote Followup: enter a comment about the quote. This will be saved in the Followup popup.
  • Resend Quote: send the quote to any email address
  • Reprint Quote: download a PDF of the quote
  • Cancel Quote: delete quote. The user must select a cancel reason. See: Add quote cancel reasons 

For an expired quote, the user can:

  • Renew Quote: request reactivation of the quote.

Configure settings

Add Cancel reasons

When a user cancels a quote, they are asked to select the reason for cancelling. Administrator roles maintain these reasons in the CMS. 

  1. In the CMS, go to SettingsSettings → Feature ManagementPayment & CheckoutQuotes.

  2. Click Configure for Quotes.

  3. In Configuration Settings, click the Edit Quote Cancelled Reasonsbutton.

  4. In Quote Cancelled Maintenance, to add a reason. click the Add New Quote Cancelled Reason button. 

  5. Enter reason information.

    Is Active - reason is live and can be used
    Code - id for the reason. Not shown to users.
    Description - label for the reason. Displayed to users in the dropdown list. 

  6. Click Save.

Customise Quote Review page and Search 

Options, text and labels for the Search function and Quote Review page are rendered by the Quote Review Widget

To edit the widget:

  1. Go to ContentContent → Pages & TemplatesOrdersQuote Review Template. You can also use the Search tool to find it.
  2. Click Edit for Quote Review Template.

  3. Find Quote Review widget and click Edit.

  4. For a guide to options, see: Quote Review Widget.

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