This guide is for the PRONTO ERP system only.


Let your B2B customers reprint invoices for all otheir orders online 24/7 - regardless of the entry point (Online, POS, etc).They can do this online without your assistance by:

  1. selecting an invoice and requesting a reprint
  2. entering an email address
  3. selecting a format (.pdf or .csv.)

Invoice reprint requests are sent from the web to your ERP, and then 'printed' using either email2me, or TrueForms Director.

On this page:

If you do not have all of the prerequisites listed in the table below, please contact Commerce Vision to discuss your needs.

  1. Your network has a printer named 'email2me' set up, OR
    TrueForms Director is installed in your ERP environment.
  2. For PRONTO,  version 670 or above is required.
  3. A version of the Commerce Vision program proledb.spl dated after 27/11/13 for TrueForms, OR
    proledb version 4.25 for email2me.
  4. Shell access to the ERP Server.
  5. A knowledge of ERP System Administration.
  6. UNIX editor skills such as vi skills.

Step-by-step guides


Using email2me

  1. Ensure the latest proledb.spl import program is installed.
  2. Access the Override program table (SYS.M359)
  3. Set CSS_INVPRT to 'E2ME'
  4. If the default email2me printer queue is NOT email to me
    1. Set CSSE2ME to '<printer name>'
    2. (Refer to $PRONTO/lib/printers for the name or consult the customer)

Using TrueForms Director / TrueForms NEO

  1. Ensure the latest proledb.spl import program is installed.
  2. Set up a new entry in the $PRONTO/lib/printers file as follows:
    cssinvoice, type=trueform, lpr=/xxx/lbin/cssinvoice $1, no_ff, no_form_type,
    where xxx is the pronto directory (e.g. /home/pronto/lbin/cssinvoice would be the full path if /home/pronto was the PRONTO directory)
  3. cd $PRONTO/lbin
  4. vi cssinvoice
  5. insert the following code: (use i for insert)
    cat $1 >/tmp/cssinvoice 
  6. Save the file (:wq!)
  7. chmod +x cssinvoice
  8. Determine the PRONTO virtual printer for emails from TrueForms - its normally called "email" or "ztf-email" or similar
  9. Login to PRONTO
  10. Access the Override program table (SYS.M359)
  11. Enter the following codes:
    1. CSS_EMAIL: set the the name of the virtual printer (from h. above)
    2. CSS_FR_EM: the name of the from address (e.g. accounts)
    3. CSS_FR_DM: the domain name (e.g. - this would make the full from email =
    4. CSS_INVPRT: set to TF or TFN
      (If you are using True Forms Director - TF or True Forms NEO - TFN)
  12. Ensure the Commerce Vision user (normally commvisi) does not have the "spool" option set in the Credit Release Officers table (SYS.X053).

On the Integrator

  1. Select the Settings gear icon.
  2. Select the Timing Items tab.
  3. In the Reprints section, check the 'Invoices' box.
  4. Click 'Apply', then OK.
  5. Stop and restart the Integrator.

Online (website)

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Advanced SettingsSystem Preferences.
  2. Select the Browse tab.
  3. Tick Enable ERP Invoice Reprint.
  4. Click Update.
  5. For a BPD site, that's it.
  6. For a Classic site: Create a new content template for the message to show customers once the request has been made.
  7. Navigate to Content' → Assign Default Templates.
  8. Assign your new template in the Invoice Re-print Confirmation Template field.
  9. Click Update.

Path to Credit Limit Officers Table:

Additional Information

  • Reduces cost to serve by eliminating contact with Accounts Receivable staff for invoice reprints.
  • Ability for end users to get invoice reprints 24 / 7.
  • PRONTO version 670; proledb version depends on method used.

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