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Each page of your BPD website is based on a template, and each template is broken up into sections called 'zones'.  This design gives the site its structure AND allows page content to be shrunk, expanded and customised depending on the look and feel desired and device used. 

There are 5 template types:

  1. Theme Layout - site header and footer content, as well as overall look and feel. See What is the Theme Layout? for more detail.
  2. Standard Templates/Pages - core templates/pages common to all sites, such as the Cart, Product Detail, and Order History. 
  3. Custom Pages - content pages unique to your site. This might be your FAQs, About Us, or Terms & Conditions.
  4. Emails - customisable email templates for communications such as Order Confirmation, Order Shipped, or New User Registration.
  5. Articles - customisable templates for newsletters and other suitable content such as blogs and FAQs.  

New to templates?

Watch the introductory video about Pages and Templates and how they work. 

Example of Output

Standard and Custom page templates are rendered within the 'Content' zone of the Theme Layout. This means they are wrapped by the theme's header and footer zones.  

You can see an example of this in the image below. The highlighted area is the Product Detail Template. The dimmed area at the top is the Theme Layout's Top Bar, Header, and Navigation zones.

Where to find a Page or Template

You can find any of your site's pages and templates via the Content menu in the CMS. Select Pages & Templates to access all standard and custom page templates. Select Emails for templates that structure the different emails sent, Select Articles for article templates. 


Once you select one of the submenu items, you can find the page template you're after. Let's click on 'Pages & Templates' to see all template categories under it.

Selecting one of the categories, let's say 'Checkout', will display all pages and templates for the Checkout function. 


Put a template on your Favourites list

If there are templates that you access on a regular basis, you may want to set it as a Favourite. To do this, just click the star icon next to a template. A template added to your Favourites list is marked by a yellow star:

The template can now be accessed from the My Favourites tab.

More about Favourite Templates...

Watch a video that shows you how to add a template to 'My Favourites'

View and Edit a Template or Page

When you click Edit for a Template or Page, you will see that an Edit Template page is divided into 3 panels:   

  1. Widget Layout - where you can add, edit, enable/disable, move, and delete widgets in a number of zones.

    More about Zones...

    Watch a video that takes you through what zones are.

  2. Layout - where a visual representation of the zones for the page/template is displayed and can be edited. 

    More about Layouts...

    Watch a video on what layouts are and how you can edit them.

  3. Filters - where you select/deselect device types that access this page/template.

So now you know what a page/template is on your BPD website. There are specific help pages available to help you optimise the 'look and feel' of pages and templates to suit your business and :

Additional Information

It's good practice to test changes on your Stage site first, before overhauling layouts in your live environment!

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