In order to maintain articles online, the Articles feature must be enabled and configured by the Administrator role. Settings determine what article creators can view and customise when creating article-related content.

  1. In the CMS, navigate to SettingsFeature ManagementContent

  2.  Toggle ON Articles, then click Configure.

  3. To allow individual articles to be restricted to certain segments of your website users, e.g., Customers, Roles, etc, toggle ON Allow Article Filters. If enabled, the article filter panel appears when an article is edited. 

  4. To allow the use of zoned templates for any article, toggle ON Use Zoned Article Template. See Article templates help for more details.

    If this setting was enabled and you are now disabling it, any assignments of zoned templates to articles will be cleared. 

  5. To allow article creators' own custom article templates to be used, toggle ON Enable Article Template Override. Note that Zoned Article Template must also be enabled for this feature.

  6. For an article's URL to default as the SEO URL, toggle ON Use SEO Url as Article Url. The article creator can always edit this.

  7. To save your settings, click Save & Exit. Online maintenance of Articles, and Article Templates (if Article Template Override is enabled), in the CMS on the Content menu. 

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