Article Templates allow you to select specially designed template layouts available out of the box for date or period sensitive content such as news articles and blogs. However, the article system can be used for other purposes such as to create a staff list and staff bios, and FAQ pages. Article template layouts are configured just like other page templates in the Customer Self Service eCommerce Platform - using zones and widgets. The degree of flexibility you have to customise article layouts depends on whether zoned or non-zoned layouts are in use, and template override options available depending on your website version.    

What in-built Article Templates are available?

When designing your article-related layouts, you need to think about how you want to display (i) the 'Article List page' - the page that displays the list of articles, and (ii) the 'Article Page - the page that displays an article's content. Three built-in article templates come standard to cater for both. They are available from ContentPages & Templates →  Articles

 Article Templates

  • Article List Item Zoned and Article List Page templates: provide zoned and non-zoned options for arranging a list of articles on a page
  • Article Page Zoned template: provides a zoned option for arranging the content of an article. If the non-zoned article template option is in use, content is arranged using the default article layout: 


Article List templates

An article list page displays articles that have been grouped together, e.g., monthly customer newsletters, and provides article summaries and links for the user to access the content. In our example, the 'News Articles' list page shows all 'News Articles' available in this article group. This list has been created using the standard 'Article List Page' (without zones). An alternative way to create a layout is to customise it by using zones through the 'Article List Item Zoned' template.  

Article List Page template

 The built-in 'Article List Page' template defaults to the standard non-zoned layout. Selection of the group of articles to list requires either the Article List widget or the Article List All widget

Another option if you are using the standard Article List Page template is to display your articles in a slider format (rather than as a static list). To do this, simply replace the Article List All Widget with the Article Slider Widget on the 'Article List Page' template. Note - the Article Slider will only support the standard list item fields so this option is not available for zoned layouts.

Article List Item Zoned Layout template

This template allows you to customise an article list with more flexibility than the standard Article List Page template. With zoned layout templates, you can rearrange widgets and add extras such as custom fields, a filter to display content by layers and a feature sorting tool. See Article List - Zoned layout help for more details.   

Article Page Zoned

For arrangement of an article's content, BPD websites come equipped with a clean, well-organised article layout right out of the box. But what if you've got additional content to display in your articles? Or what if you'd prefer a customised page layout, completely unique to your site?

That's where the zoned layout option comes in! By using a zoned article layout, you can present your article in the layout of your choice, with content arranged as you please. See Article Page - Zoned layout help. 

Note - If your site is on 4.23+, you can override the built-in article templates altogether and create and use completely custom layouts for every article. (See help on Custom Templates for Individual Articles.)

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