Configuration settings can be entered in the CMS for these current Eway methods:

  • Eway Secure Fields (Direct Connection API)
  • Eway Responsive Shared Page

  • You need to have the relevant Eway API key from your Eway Business Centre interface. 
  • For both the Secure Fields and Responsive Shared Page solutions, please provide the Public API Key and Eway API Key. See: Get Eway API Key.
  • NOTE - If you are changing your site's Eway method, a new API key needs to be generated. 

eWAY settings are configured on the Payment Provider page. 

  1. In the CMS, navigate to SettingsSettings → Feature Management → Payment & Checkout.

  2. If not enabled, toggle ON Payment Provider.

  3. Click Configure.
  4. In Provider Selection, select the eWAY method required.

  5. Change any configuration settings required. 

  6. Click Save or Save & Exit.

Eway Configuration Settings Fields

NOTE - These fields have usually been populated during setup. If you are changing between Sandbox and Production, ensure you change to the correct Keys and Password. 

Public KeyEway Public API Key generated (for Pay Now Buttons on your site)
Credit Card Capture PasswordPassword generated in your Eway account
Eway API KeyAPI Key generated in your Eway account
Eway Script UrlDefaults to:
Credit Card Capture FundsDefault: 0
Eway Billing CountryTwo digit code of your business billing country
Hide CC Security CodeThis field is not used with this method. The card card security number will always be masked.
Enable Payment Provider Customer ID Token RetentionAllow card to be saved for future use with an Eway-issued ID

Additional fields for Eway Responsive Shared Page

Charge Type(For credit card surcharge) Charge type if surcharge used   
ECrypt Script UrlDefaults to:
Eway Processing MessageDefault: Your payment is being processed. Please do not refresh or navigate away from the page.
Eway Surcharge DescriptionDefault: Credit Card Charge
Eway Redirect Uri


[...] - your website address 

Eway Soap Endpoint



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