Eway is a payment gateway for credit card payments over a secure connection. It conforms to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). 

The Customer Self Service eCommerce Platform supports the current Eway API methods:

  • Eway Secure Fields - fields securely hosted by Eway appear in the form on your website. 
  • Eway Responsive Shared Page - an entirely Eway hosted payment popup form for the customer to enter their card details so the payment process is removed from your site altogether. If credit card fees are charged on orders for your site, Responsive Shared Page is recommended. 

To use the current Eway methods, websites must be on version 4.23+.

The two older (deprecated) methods are also supported:

  • Rapid API Version 3
  • Rapid API Version 1.1

For more information on eWAY's payment solutions, refer to their website.

  • This guide assumes that Eway's services have been purchased and you have the relevant information required to set up Eway.
  • You need to have the relevant Eway API key from your Eway Business Centre interface. 
  • Commerce Vision is required to implement this functionality. For both the Secure Fields and Responsive Shared Page solutions, please provide the Public API Key. See: Get Eway API Key.

Eway Payment Processing Overview

Credit card payment using Eway is processed through the following steps. At no point does Commerce Vision handle or see credit card information during the transaction.

  1. The site user creates an order and goes through checkout.
  2. They select credit card as their payment option.

  3. What they see next depends on the method selected for your site:

    For Secure Fields, the credit card form with input fields securely hosted by Eway will be displayed.

    4. They enter their card details and submit their order.

    5. Commerce Vision does the preliminary checks to ensure the order is valid for submission and payment information is set up, then requests an Access Code for the transaction from Eway over a secure connection.

    6. The page (including the credit card information and the Access Code) is submitted directly to Eway's servers.

     For Responsive Shared Page is in use, no form is displayed. 

    4. Instead, the user clicks 'Process Payment'.

    5. The system passes the user and order transaction details to eWAY, which generates a popup form for entering card details. This form is entirely hosted by Eway. 

    6. The user enters their card details and submits their order.

    7. For both methods, Eway processes the payment and then redirects the user to your site's return page. The order is finalised, triggering either the Success or Fail page.

Select an Eway method

When your site uses an Eway method to process credit cards, the message in the 'Payment' panel of the Checkout page under the Credit Card tab will include the Eway method active on your site.

During setup, Commerce Vision will configure the selected method for your website. However, note that you can change and configure the method yourself. NOTE - if you change methods, the relevant new API key need to be generated. 

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Settings → Feature Management → Payment & Checkout.

  2. If not enabled, toggle ON Payment Provider.

  3. Click Configure.
  4. In Provider Selection, select the Eway method required.

  5. Ensure the configuration settings are correct. 
  6. Click Save or Save and Exit


When using Eway Responsive Shared Page:

  • any credit card surcharge must be configured in the same way in the "Customer Self Service eCommerce Platform" and in Eway.
  • surcharge is calculated based on the card type entered by the user.
  • some surcharge options that are available when using the other methods are not available i.e. applying a surcharge based on the Customer, or the order amount total excluding charges.

Deprecated methods

Both these deprecated methods use eWAY's Transparent Redirect solution.

Rapid API Version 3

Rapid API Version 1.1

  • This is the earliest Transparent Redirect solution. 

To setup eWay Rapid API Version 1.1:

  1. Login as an Administrator
  2. Go to the Settings page
  3. Select the Orders tab
  4. Select the Credit Cards sub-tab
  5. Configure the following settings:
    1. C/Card Payment Provider: select eway rapid api
    2. Credit Card Capture Customer ID: enter your Customer ID (provided by Eway)
    3. Retain Payment Provider Customer ID Token: check the box for customers to be able to choose whether their information will be stored in Eway and be available in future payments checks  
    4. eWay Billing Country: enter the relevant 2 letter country code, e.g., 'au' for Australia, 'nz' for New Zealand. A full list of available codes can be found here.

      The code must be entered in all lowercase letters.

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