Minimum version required - 3.67.13


In the event of an Eway payment failing or hanging, the system might not receive notification that the payment has completed processing. In this case, the payment's status might need to be manually re-tested and completed if payment was successful. This is done via the new 'CustPaymentStatusRecheck.aspx' page.

Step-by-step guide

In this section we will focus only on the payment retry functionality. Any other changes that can be made are just customisations.

To set up Payment Retry Functionality:

  1. Logged into your website, navigate to Content →  Menu Editor (/zMenus.aspx).

  2. Select the required Role via radio button. 

    This page should only be made accessible to Administrator role(s)

  3. Click Parent Items.

  4. Select a top level menu item under which to add the page (or create a new menu item where the new page will be set up).

  5. Click New.

  6. Enter 'CustPaymentStatusRecheck.aspx' for the Page Name and populate the remaining fields as required. See Add a New Menu Item for further information.

    Ensure the 'Requires Authentication' flag is ticked.

  7. To save, Click OK.

Using the CustPaymentStatusRecheck.aspx Page

To Use the Customer Payment Status Recheck function:

  1. Log in with an account that has access to the role you created the menu item for.

  2. Navigate to the new page via the menu (/CustPaymentStatusRecheck.aspx).

  3. The page will load, listing any outstanding eWay customer payment records.

  4. Click Retry Payment Finalization to re-determine whether the payment was successfully processed by Eway, or whether the status has not been able to be determined (i.e. if the Eway payment service is still down).
  5. The success/fail/indeterminate status of the payments will be shown underneath the payment record table after processing is complete. Any indeterminate payments will remain in the table and can be re-tried at a later time.


After a customer has entered their credit card information and clicked submit, Customer Self Service will post the form to eWAY servers directly. A time-out of 90000 milliseconds (90 seconds) is configured so that if eWAY doesn't return a response within that time-out, we will redirect to the payment fail page and show a message (which by default is: "Error: Unable to retrieve a valid response from the payment provider. Support has been notified of this issue.").

There are several configuration options relating to this system:

To Update the Form Post Timeout Setting:

  1. Login as an Administrator.

  2. Navigate to Settings →  Settings (/zSettings.aspx)

  3. Set a value for EWay Client Side Form Post Timeout.

    This value is in milliseconds. So as an example, 90000 would be 90 seconds.


  4. To save changes, click the Update button.

The error message can be configured via Resource Manager. 

To configure the Error Message Resource:

  1. Logged in as Administrator, navigate to Settings → Resource Manager (/zResourceMaintenance.aspx).

  2. In Search For, enter 'rcEWayReponseNotRetrievable'  and search.

  3. Select the record via radio button. 

  4. Click Modify.

  5. Update the value as required.

  6. To save, click OK.

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