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The process

  • A customer visits your website and makes a purchase, paying by credit card. 
  • The system includes the user's name, address, and email address in the data sent to Eway as part of the transaction. 
  • eWay flags the transaction as potentially fraudulent, and returns a response message containing a fraud code (F-XXXX).
  • The system integrates this response message to the ERP (PRONTO) as a sales order note line (one note line per each fraud response message).
  • An alert email is then sent to your nominated eCommerce team member.
  • The order is put on hold for you to action.


There are several system settings and resources to configure to ensure this data is transmitted correctly. If your site is not running on the BPD framework, additional code will also need to be added to your Order Placed email to cater for fraud alerts.  

Please contact us at Commerce Vision for more information or to have this functionality implemented for your site. 


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