This promotion type is available for sites on 4.31+  and must be implemented by Commerce Vision after consultation.

Do you require an ERP-based promotion online where the purchase of a specified number of products from a 'promotion group' is eligible for volume discounts? And for discounts (either by price or percentage off) to vary for different Customer Types (as defined by Marketing Flags in your ERP)? This can be implemented for your site.    

This promotion type is ideal for these two scenarios:

  • Mixed products volume buy: Several products are grouped together for the discount. The total quantity of products from this group determine the discount level to be applied. 

  • Single product volume buy: One product is added as a group for the discount. The total quantity of the product in the cart will determine the discount level to be applied.   

Once live, when a qualifying customer adds a valid number of eligible products into their cart, any discounts will automatically be applied. These discounts are displayed to the customer when they reach the cart page.

If quantities are changed there, the system will recalculate the new prices and alert the customer with a popup message.

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