What are Articles?

The Articles feature provides an integrated and flexible way to create and publish grouped content (pages). Grouped content (what we call 'an article type' may be news about your business, promotional articles or product discovery blogs, etc. Every article page belongs under an article type. And access to an article type is simply a matter of adding a link to a list of its pages (in an 'article list page') through an existing or new navigational or section menu. 

What are Articles used for?

The most common use of Articles is to create a space to communicate with customers. Whether it's latest news, blogs or product stories, our article system can help you present and organise fresh content about your business and products offered. Strategic and rich informative content through news, promotional articles and product stories can have positive effects such as:

  • nurturing customer relationships and engagement
  • improving product discovery 
  • converting visitors to purchasers
  • improving SEO scores.

On this page:

You can also take advantage of the structural features of Articles to manage other kinds of content. For example, use it to create FAQ lists and staff member bios.

Articles Features

  • Provides an effortless out-of-the-box solution plus the capacity to customise layout and template structures.
  • Allows posted, start and/or expiry dates for each page to be added. Fresh content can be ordered to appear first in the list and old pages are automatically removed from viewing. 

  • Turn on/off an article for device type and user group(s).

Getting started with Articles

For Administrators

The Articles feature must be enabled and configured in Settings by the Administrator before articles can be created and published. 

Configure Articles Settings

For Article creators

If you are new to Article publishing, go through the How-to guide to creating and publishing an article and article list with the out-of-the-box template and layout.

Create and publish Articles - the basics

Advanced article publishing 

If you are an article creator, note that the extent you can customise article-related layouts depends on settings configured by your Administrator and site version. You should know how to create standard article and article list pages before customising article templates. 

About article templates

Use zoned article templates

Use custom page for article list page

Use article list feature filters

Link an externally-hosted PDF to an article