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With this promo type, you can create offers where you can give customers buying a set number of one Product a discount on a set number of the same Product or a different Product. You can also use this promo code with a Product with variants. 


This Product promo code allows you to give customers a discounted price for a specified quantity (Y) of a product when they buy a certain number (X) of a specific product. You can work this promo in different ways. One is some variation of the 'buy two pizzas, get one garlic bread at a discounted price'. Another is the ''buy two pairs of glasses, get one at the discounted price' offer. It can also be used with Master products so that all child products are automatically included. (See Special use with Master product below.)

Step-by-step guide

This guide will help you create a promotion using this promo code type.

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Campaigns & Promotions → Promotion Codes

  2. Click Add Promotion Code.

  3. In the Select Promotion Type list, select Product
  4. Select the scenario 'When I buy X quantity of specific product then I can buy Y quantity of specific product at a specified price'.

  5. Enter the Promotion Code your customers will use at checkout. 

  6. Enter a Description. This will be displayed in the user's cart and in their order summary. 

  7. Set the promotion's Start and End Dates

  8. Enter the Discount Quantity Threshold. This is the number of qualifying product your customer must purchase to be eligible for the discounted pricing.  
  9. Add the Eligible Product, searching by either description or code. (Once you click Add, the description will be replaced by the code only).

  10. Add the Special Price Product, again searching by description or product code. This product can be different from the Eligible Product (as in the pizza and garlic bread example) or the same (as in the glasses example).

  11. Enter the Qty of the product your customer can buy at the discounted price when they qualify for the promotion.
  12. Decide whether this promo will Apply In Multiples. That is, if 2 pizzas qualifies your customer for 1 cheap garlic bread, then 4 pizzas will entitle them to 2 cheap garlic breads. 

  13. Click Save & Exit to finish creating your promo code.  

Please be aware that there are also additional advanced options that you can configure for promotions.  They become available after the promo is created.  You'll find info on these under Advanced Options, later on this page.

Special use with Master and Child products (variants)

Master products are products that have child products (variants). (For details on how they work, see the Product Variants page.)

You can use this promo code type with products in a Master/Child relationship in various ways. For example, 'buy any 2 variant products in a Master product range and get 1 at a discounted price' - 'buy any 3 large pizzas in our premium range and get 1 for $10'. Or 'buy 3 of a specific product and get 1 different product (any variant of a Master product) at a discount' - 'buy 3 pizzas and get 1 2L softdrink for $1'.

Use Case

In the use case here, our store sells medical garb and wants to use the promo code to encourage the purchase of matching tunic and trousers. For the promotion, the trousers has been enabled as a Master product. It, along with the matching tunic, are added as Child products.  A customer must buy one of each to get the tunic at a discount price.      

Master Product and eligible Child Product 

Discount Child Product

We can now go to Promotion Codes to create the promo code.

  1. Follow steps 1-4 to reach the Promo codes page.

  2. Enter details of the promotion code as required. Here is an example:

  3. Click Save and Exit. The promo is active from the start date to the end date.

Let's say your customer adds the eligible product to their order, in this case, the medical scrub trousers, and also adds the matching tunic. In the Shopping Cart, before adding the promo code, the normal prices are displayed. After applying the promo code, the special price on the discount product is calculated.
Note - your customer could have also brought up the discount by adding just the correct number of eligible products, going straight to the Shopping Cart, and entering the promo code.  

Shopping cart - before applying promo code

Shopping Cart - promo code OFF

Shopping cart - after applying promo code

Advanced options

Each promotion code has several advanced options you may wish to configure. These can be accessed immediately after you create the promo, by navigating to OptionsEdit Advanced Options

Or if you're editing an existing promo code, they'll be located in a collapsed section below the main promo details:

Misc Options

  • Status - 'Active': the promo code is live on your site and can be used by customers
    'Disabled': the promo code cannot be used by customers but can be switched to 'Active'
    'Deleted': the promo code is deleted from use altogether and is kept for historical records only. (NOTE - A deleted promo code can be undeleted to 'disabled' and then reactivated.) 
  • Applied To - B2C / B2B / Both
  • Criteria Fail Remove promo Code - ON: the system automatically removes the promotion code from the cart when the contents get updated and requirements are no longer met. Users will have to re-enter the promo code if they want the code to be applied; OFF: the promo code is still in cart and if contents get updated and requirements are met, it will be (re-)applied. 
  • Not Applicable With Other Offers - ON: limits the promotion code from being used when other promotion codes are already applied to the order; OFF: promo code will be applied when other promo codes have been applied to the order. 
  • Free Product To Be Added in Pronto - (applies only for Promo Codes that add a free product).

    For Promo Codes where a free product is given, you have the option of adding the free product on your website when the order is submitted or in the ERP (Pronto) when the order is integrated. Select the option you require by toggling 'Free Product To Be Added in Pronto' ON or OFF. Default: OFF

    Order placed, received and confirmation emails will display the free product differently depending on the option selected. 

    • If toggled OFF, the free product is added on your website. In emails to the customer about the order, the free product appears as an item with a cost of $0.00 in the product line of your Order Summary
    • If toggled ON, the free product is added in the ERP. When you toggle ON the option, you will be asked to confirm you want the free product added in the ERP. Clicking Confirm enables the ERP option.

      Note - Scroll back up to the 'Free Product' fields. The fields are now empty and disabled. The free products you previously added for this promo code still apply.  

      The Order Placed, Received and Confirmation emails by default will not display the free product separately in the Order Summary. 
      To add a note line about the free product in the Order Summary section, toggle on the 'Show Note Lines on Individual Lines?' option in the Email Order Summary widget in any applicable email template (e.g., Order Received, Order Placed, Order Confirmation). When enabled, the Promotion Code and Description will be added to the Order Summary.

      NOTE - The free product and quantity must be added to the sales order manually in Pronto once it has been integrated for the free product to appear as a product line item in the sales receipt. 
  • Postcode Exclusion List - (for free freight promo codes only) If required, enter single postcodes and/or postcode ranges (each comma-separated) to exclude. It is recommended you follow Australia Post's four digit conventions so a three digit code would be '0200' instead of '200'.  

Usage Limits

You can set the maximum number of times the promo code can be used, either by an individual User, users on a particular Customer Code, or Globally (site-wide). Leaving these limits at 0 = unlimited use by all. 

From version 4.10+, you can also specify one or more users (comma-separated list) who are permitted to use the promotion code. Any user not in this list cannot apply the promo code to their order.


There are default messages set at the promotion code feature level, but these can be overridden for each individual promotion. Leaving these blank will use the defaults.

  • Promo Code No Longer Applies Message - The notification displayed when the promo code was previously applied successfully but the cart contents have been changed so the code is no longer valid.
  • Promotion Code Error Message - The notification displayed when the cart contents are not eligible for the promo code. Perhaps the cart value is not high enough or the minimum quantity has not been reached.
  • Promotion Code Applied Message - The notification displayed when the cart contents are valid for the promo code.

Additional Information 


Minimum Version Requirements



The Promotion Codes feature must be enabled.

Self Configurable


Business Function


BPD Only?




Ballpark Hours From CV (if opting for CV to complete self config component)

Contact Commerce Vision

Ballpark Hours From CV (in addition to any self config required)

Contact Commerce Vision

Third Party Costs


CMS Category

Campaigns & Promotions → Promotion Codes


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