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With PayPal's Express checkout, users are able to complete their purchase in fewer steps. Customers can use the delivery and billing information they have stored with PayPal, rather than re-entering it all again on your website. This makes checkout quicker and easier, thereby increasing conversion rates.
This guide covers the implementation of PayPal Express checkout on BPD websites. 


Configuring PayPal Express 

  1. Contact Commerce Vision and have us enable the PayPal Express feature for your site.

  2. Login to the CMS with your PayPal Merchant credentials handy.

  3. Navigate to Settings → Feature Management.

  4. Configure the PayPal Express feature. 

  5. In the Configuration Settings section, enter your PayPal Express credentials:

    PayPal Express Endpoint
    PayPal Express Login URL
    PayPal Express Username[Your PayPal Merchant username]
    PayPal Express Password[Your PayPal Merchant password]
    PayPal Express Signature[Your PayPal Merchant signature]

    For testing on your Stage site, use the sandbox environment credentials noted here. Contact Commerce Vision Support if you require assistance with this.



  6. Next, determine where you'd like the 'Checkout with PayPal' button to appear. It can be displayed in the Cart and/or on the Product Detail page. Examples of each are shown below.


    CartProduct Detail


  7. Toggle the options on/off according to your site requirements. 

  8. Click 'Save' or 'Save and Exit' at the top of the page to save your changes.

Congratulations, PayPal Express is now implemented on your website! 

Customising Options by Role 

You also can override your site's Global display settings at the Role level, if required (allowing B2C users to checkout with PayPal Express, but preventing B2B users, for example).

  1. On the Feature Settings page, click the 'Overrides' icon on the option you wish to edit.

  2. The Setting Override window will open, with your site's Global setting displayed at the bottom. This is the default value you are about to override at Role level (but you can also update this value here if you wish). 

  3. Under Role Overrides, click 'Add Override Setting'.

  4. Enter the Role Name in the input box. Suggestions will appear - select the correct role from the list.

  5. Set the Override Value (toggle the option on/off as required). 

  6. Repeat Steps 2-4 for any other roles that require overrides.

  7. Click 'Confirm'.

  8. The window will close and the Overrides counter will be updated to reflect the number of overrides entered. 

  9. Repeat Steps 1-8 for the other display option if required. 

  10. Click 'Save' or 'Save and Exit' at the top of the page to save your changes.


B2B Customers

In order to offer PayPal to your B2B customers, you must ensure the 'Credit Card Payments for Orders' flag is set to Yes at the individual customer level. This flag does not affect B2C users.

If the Customer Maintenance page shown below isn't visible to you in the CMS, please let us know.





Click to expand the FAQ panels at the top of the Override Settings window for more information!


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Ballpark Hours From CV (if opting for CV to complete self config component)

Contact CV Support

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