You can upload a category image and assign it to a category when editing it in Category Maintenance. You can also upload a category image into the CategoryImages folder using the CMS File Manager and assign it later to a category in Category Maintenance.  Category images should be 250 x 250 px in either .png or .jpg format.

Upload an image in Category Maintenance 

  1. Navigate to Products & CategoriesCategory Maintenance

  2. Find the category you require and click Edit

  3. Go to the Category Image section, then click Select or Upload an Image.
  4. You will be taken to the CategoryImages folder. Select or upload the required image. 

    • Edit images - You can crop, resize, flip, and enhance the image. Select the image, then right click your mouse and select Edit.

  5. Click Save or Save & Exit.

Upload, download or edit images in CMS File Manager

To change or upload a category image in File Manager:

  1. In the CMS, navigate to ContentFile Manager.

  2. The File Manager window provides a list of images folders. Click on the CategoryImages folder. 
  3. You can do the following:
    Upload an image: If this image is not yet linked to a particular category, the file can have any name. If this image is to replace one assigned to a category, ensure the file name is exactly the same.
    Edit an image:
    In the folder, find the required file. To edit it in File Manager, click the checkbox for the file, then ManageEdit.
    Download an image: In the folder, find the required file. Click the checkbox for the file, then ManageDownload.

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