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Our Category Template Override feature has been enhanced! You can now create copies of existing templates, as well as nominating as 'masters' any new templates you create.

Master templates

Master templates can be used across multiple categories, rather than creating individual templates for each category you want to customise. This makes it quick and easy to update the look and feel of several categories at once. 

When you create a new template, you'll see the option to 'Create Master Template'. If you toggle this on, your template will be re-usable across as many categories as you like. 

Master templates are grouped together on the Category Templates list page and identified with a star icon, so you can find and edit them easily. 


Custom template indicator

To help avoid confusion when editing your categories, we've added an indicator to let you know when a category is using a custom template.

Clicking the template name takes you straight to the template edit page. 


(If you don't see a message like the one above, that means your category is using the system fallback - Product List Template.) 



Where it's used

To top it all off, we've included a new category finder to let you see which categories are using the template you're editing.  

In the template edit page, hover on the Options button and select "Where is this used". 

A popup will open, listing all categories currently using the template. (Clicking the category name will take you directly to the category edit page.)

This is especially handy for Master Templates that may be in use across several categories.