From 2022, the core base font on the new theme uses the following font stack. These are system default fonts primarily followed back generic fall back fonts, this allows for best performance font rendering.

Font Stack

System fonts are loaded (Apple / Windows) and fallbacks are in place for older systems. Legacy themes use "Open Sans" as the default font.



Default Apple device font
Fall back Apple device font
"Segoe UI"

Default Microsoft device font

Legacy Apply Devices
Legacy Microsoft Devices
Generic "catch all"
"Apple Color Emoji"
Support for Apple Emoji
"Segoe UI Emoji"
Support for Microsoft Emoji
"Segoe UI Symbol"
Support for Generic Emoji

Custom Fonts

You can add custom fonts to your site via a webfont service such as via a custom implementation via using Scripts & Styles.

Refer to your style guide for further guidance as to usage on your site.