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Ever wanted to edit one of your website pages and see what your changes look like BEFORE you hit publish? Our new CMS Page Preview functionality means that now you can!

Page Preview is feature-based, meaning it will not automatically be enabled for your site. You can elect to turn it on for just your Stage site, your Live site, or both.

Enabling the feature

To turn on Page Preview on for your site, go to SettingsFeature ManagementContent, then toggle on Page Preview.

Draft mode

 Once you enable Page Preview, here's what you'll notice: 

When you make a change to a page (adding or editing a widget, for example), it's instantly put into draft mode and you'll see some new options at the top right. 

Viewing changes option while editing a template in CMS

  • Options
    • Copy Preview Link - copies the page preview link to your clipboard so you can send it to a colleague 
    • Changes - brings up a detailed list of all the changes that have been made to that page
    • Delete Disabled Widgets - bulk removes all widgets from the page which are currently in a disabled state
    • Delete All Widgets - bulk removes ALL widgets from the page
  • Revert - undoes the changes you made to the page since the last publish

  • Preview - opens the site in a new tab so you can see your changes. You may need to login or navigate to the relevant page.  

  • Publish - essentially like hitting 'Save', this pushes your changes live!

Draft counter

You'll also see a Draft counter up in the CMS header (with the little quill icon).

Draft Counter in CMS header

It keeps a tally of how many pages you currently have in draft mode. Click it to open a pop-up displaying a list of each page you've not yet published changes for.

Draft Counter pop-up

From here, you can publish a single page, toggle several on and 'Publish Selected' (or schedule for later), or click on a page name to go directly back to edit mode for that page. 

See it in action below:

Checking your changes

A list of changes for each draft page is accessible in a few different ways:

  1. When you click on the Draft counter in the top right of the CMS header, the pop-up will open. There you'll find a button against each draft page called 'Changes'.

    Click that to open up a summary of all the changes awaiting publish for that particular draft. 
    You'll see the zone the widget is in, the name and description of the widget that was changed, the actual change made, and the user and date.
    Draft Summary pop-up for Cart template

  2. When viewing a list of templates via Content → Pages & Templates, any pages that are in Draft mode will have an indicator, as well as the 'Changes' option to display exactly what's different.
    CMS Template List with Changes option selected

  3. When actually editing a template, hover on the Options button and select 'Changes' from dropdown menu. 
    Viewing changes option while editing a template in CMS

Scheduling Drafts for publishing

If you've got a page in draft mode and it's ready to go, but time isn't yet right to send it live, you can schedule publishing for later. 

Say you're running a seasonal promotion on camping gear, starting next week. You plan to promote it with an eye-catching banner on the home page, and want to get your images loaded and ready.

You could edit the Home Page template and update your Banner Slider widget, but leave the page in Draft. Then, schedule the new version of the home page to go live bright and early Monday morning!  Here's how: 

  1. Make your changes to the page and widget in question. 

  2. Click the Draft counter (feather icon) in the CMS header.

  3. Toggle OFF any drafts you don't want to schedule for publishing. So in our example only the Home Page draft template is green. 

  4. Click 'Schedule Selected..'

  5. In the scheduler pop-up, use the calendar & clock icons to select the date and time you wish to send the page live.  

    Schedule window for Draft publish

  6. Click 'Confirm' once you're happy.

That's it! Your page will now go live when you say it should, with no further action needed. 

One change to note - with Page Preview enabled, when you add a new widget to a template, the "Enable widget on Save" toggle will now be set to YES / ON / GREEN / TRUE (you get the picture) by default.

This is because the whole template is in draft mode until you choose to publish it, so having the new widget enabled as soon as you add it saves you a step!

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