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FAQs for design items are listed below. Click to go to each knowledgebase article. 

Custom Pages


CV Connect 

How to create a custom page

Create custom pages

How to create a page layout?Layout Creator
How does the grid system work?

Front End Grid System

Style guide info – how does my style guide relate to my class colours?

Style Guide to Class Colours
How do I add a background colour to a page layout?Background colours for custom page layouts
How can I use one of the generic templates set up on the BPD site for my own content?
How do I use additional classes on widgets?Additional classes
How can I customise the widgets using classes?
How can I create a button?Navigation Button Widget
How can I link to a PDF?

Use a linked PDF for an Article

Can I preview my change before publishing the change?Page Preview
Can I schedule when my widget is published?Schedule Widget Publishing
Do you have a WYSIWYG editor?Static Content Widget
Can I display different content on mobile vs desktop?Widget device display indication - mobile, tablet and desktop



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How can I add articles to a page?


Article Slider Widget

Article List Widget

Article List All Widget

Can I change how the article slider displays?Carousel Options
Can I add a published date to an article?

Article Date Widget

Article List Article Date Widget

Can I add a field to an article?

Article Field Widget

Article List Field Widget

How can I add images to articles

Article Image Widget

Article List Article Image Widget

How can I add a "read article" button to my article list?Article List Article Detail Button Widget
How can I add a summary to my article?

Article List Article Summary Widget

Article Text Widget

How can I add an article title?

Article List Article Title Widget

Article Title Widget

How do I create / update FAQ's?Create and publish an FAQs page
Can I create a custom template for an article?Custom Templates for Individual Articles
Can I apply article filters?Meta Data Filter Widget



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How do I update a section menu such as footer links?

Section Menu Widget

Section Menu Editor

How do I control breadcrumbs?Breadcrumb Widget
Adding a section menu to the Mega Menu widgetAdd items to the Mega Menu
Adding static content to the Mega Menu widgetMega Menu Content Tiles
Navigation menu display optionsNavigation Menu Widget
Category MenuCategory Menu Widget
How can I update what is shown in the mobile menu?Mobile Menu Zoned Widget

Images & Video


CV Connect

How can I add banners to my site?


Banner Slider banner maintenance link

Banner Slider Widget

Can I change how my banner slider displays?Carousel Options
Can I have a different mobile banner and desktop banner?Targeting Banners by Device
What is the best size images for my website based on zone size? Best Image Sizes for Zone
Next Gen Image Format SupportUpload Product Images in the CMS
How can I update the favicon & apple touch icons?Favicon Update
How can I change the site logo?Logo Widget
How can I upload images?File Manager
How should I optimise images?Image Optimisation
How do I add a video?

Video Widget

Can I lazy load images?

Lazy Load Images & Items



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How do I add a product slider to my page?

Campaign Slider Widget

Carousel OptionsCarousel Options

Ribbons, Icons & Fonts


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Product Ribbons

Product Ribbons

More Product Ribbons

Icon ReferenceIcon Library
What are the default fonts?Default Fonts

Style Sheets & JavaScript


CV Connect 

Code EditorCode Editor
Scripts & StylesScripts & Styles
Do you have any animation support?Animation Support
Are .css Variables available?,css Variables
How can I add HTML code?HTML Snippet Widget
Can I create my own widget?Create a Custom Widget